June 2016 Company visit – PT. SEPULUH SUMBER ANUGERAH

A sound company that expands and reproduces 25 years of construction experience as a good record

2016 years 5 Mon. 25 days for an interview with the president of the Korean yeodongjin News editorial team Equity Tower 22 Floor PT. Visited Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah .

1. PT. Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah is

PT.SSA is 1992 10 000 years since it was founded in Jakarta in plant construction-oriented companies 25 steadily growing year and the credit quality of construction done now PERTAMINA, PGN, PLN, EXXON MOBIL , CHEVRON, JGC from Indonesia and around the world, including leading Client We have developed to a level where we can directly win orders .

2. Number of Korean and local employees

South Korea currently employees 20 people , a local full-time employees 250 name and field staff of about 2,000 , you people are put into construction .

3. Monthly and annual sales

Monthly sales of approximately 1,000 million outstanding and the annual size of about one a Billion outstanding scale .

4. The main construction is

This is an EPC ( Complete Contract ) construction covering all types of civil engineering , construction , electricity , and plant construction .

5. Company policy or management philosophy

1) Maintaining company credibility through quality construction and punctuality

2) Order sales focused on profitable construction

3) Develop a technology-intensive business model in a construction-oriented business structure to promote development for the next 20 years

4) Incentivize in-house technology development and healthy competition by operating an incentive system through transparent employee evaluation based on performance

5) Korean – Contribute to the economic development of Korea and Indonesia through sincere construction and harmony among local employees .

6. If you have your own characteristics or know-how

1) As a company that ideally combines the strengths of Koreans, such as speed , aggressiveness, and complete localization, it actively accommodates the needs of various clients and is fully equipped with the ability to complete the orders received on time.

2) Based on these capabilities, we are proud that we have the know-how to achieve mutual development through collaboration when major Korean construction companies enter Indonesia .

7. Welfare and CSR status within the company

We strictly comply with local laws and regulations, and give the highest priority to the safety and disease control of our employees .

As CSR, we have been nurturing top talents in our homeland through internship programs with Korean universities such as Ulsan University . In particular, as it has provided opportunities to see the world to young Koreans who do not have much experience abroad, there has been a lot of support from the national level as well .

In addition, as an example of contributing to Indonesia’s society, executives visit Sekolah Bisa in Bintaro , where children begging on the street and educate them .

We also help young Indonesians who do not have expertise in construction to obtain professional qualifications through training at our factory . The office boy who worked for a long time at the head office is now proudly a civil engineer major .

There is also a vision of establishing a specialized education school that can contribute to society beyond young people when the head office grows in size, but this is just the beginning .

8. If there is something to be proud of

1) We provide stable working conditions to our employees by paying a high level of salaries ,

2) ongoing training and development for new technologies and improved yields due to creative thinking , personnel management system through one aims to improve productivity per capita .

9. What I want to say to the Korean community

As our company continues to grow, we continue to need additional manpower, so job opportunities are open to interested Korean professionals .

In response to a reporter’s question about his leisure time, President Yeo Dong-jin said that he was indulging in the joy of discovering new Indonesia while walking around Sunayan for about two hours in the morning when he had spare time .