National EPC Service

Indonesia is one of the most developing countries in the whole world. It has developed a lot in recent years but more developments are coming in the near future. Being the largest archipelago in the world brings lots of challenges that occur due to locations. PT. Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah has been successfully completing various project in engineering, procurement and construction. No matter how remote and challenging locations of projects are, SSA has been showing its professionalism by effectively executing the projects. No matter what it is a commercial initiative or a secured government project, we deliver solutions to fulfill the needs of each customer. We offer innovative, on-time and under budget work regardless of the size and the scope of a project. PT. SSA (Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah) offers a full service of engineering, procurement and construction. We offer up-to-date expertise in engineering, various vendors who are provide competiting price for procurement and high quality if constrruction work from A to Z on at site. You can count on SSA when you face difficult challenges. With high portfolio of project and management solutions, SSA encompasses client to the right direction they should walk on. Your mission shall be always accomplished with us.

Challenges in remote areas make it harder for investors to explore. However, SSA is an expert in executing projects in remote area as well as in some of the culturally challenging places in Indonesia. SSA has experience in every major island in Indonesia and in different small islands.

Access to a remote area is one thing to consider. However, there is always more than Just a location when talk about challenges. Indonesia has more than 300 distinct Native ethnic groups with 742 different languages and dialects. This means challenges From cultural difference is huge. SSA is consist of employees with different ethnicities. SSA is also well known for great adaptation. These reasons make SSA a professional in regulating challenges within this nation. SSA not only provides an excellent access to a remote area but also provides a solution To take care of social acceptance when a project starts in a new area. Whether a project s for building LNG facility. Public infrastructure, housing complex, or any sort of Constraction – SSA can run the project in a way that can blend in successfully with The social atmosphere at the local site.

One can counton SSA – whenever, wherever.