“Keep the promise, over deliver and work until the costumer is satisfied”

This is the drive engine for SSA. I have founded this company from the scratch. Now SSA has proudly grown into Grade 7 EPC contractor in Indonesia. 26 years ago, I only had one shovel in my hands. Now I have got great number of employees to back me up, but our drive engine stays the same. I have not stopped working to deliver satisfactory work to the clients until present day. Take SSA as your partner and you will get to know what it means to be Satisfied.

SSA is a doer company”
We do not sit and lean our back talking about a project. We rather stand up and start doing the project. In this world, there are lots of people who talk about great vision and better future. However, we do not meet many people who are actual “doer” then talker. SSA is a doer company. We like ideas but we love Implementations. We like planing but we love doing things. and most likely, we love what we do. So once you choose to work with SSA, you will experience a whole new world of “doers”.

Edwin Setya Hwang
CEO’s and President Director